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'We offer great affordable services'

No middleman fees to pay, small biz can offer fair pricing, good value.

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'I can find flexible work in different locations based on MY schedule'

Create hoods right next to your school or anywhere to find walkable work.

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'My affordable skills can pay the rent'

Make money doing what YOU love. All skills have value.

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'I can find trusted help when I need, right near my home'

Find hyperlocal caregivers, tutors, housekeepers, dog walkers & house sitters.

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'I can find the right person to get things done'

Detailed hashtag means finding any skill in fresh, updated profiles. Post exactly what you need!

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'I offer an amazing product'

Come see products made by local indie businesses.

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Free, Trusted Freelancer Marketplace

When you work: keep 100% of earnings
When you hire: connect directly to the person getting things done

How does it work?
CREATE 1 PROFILE: to seek and post
POST: Your skills, your products. your services
POST: Jobs, internships, volunteering, energy exchanges
We Share. We connect you. Everybody wins.


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